Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cherise is well

Someone posted somewhere that Cherise was very sick and please pray for
her, so we have had a few emails wondering how she is doing.

I'm not sure she actually had malaria. I was sick with a very nasty flu
(?) bug and had the worst sore throat I've had in ages. I ended up
taking an antibiotic as I was afraid it might be strep and I felt much
better within a day or so of starting that, but I thought it was
probably just coincidence, and the virus had run it's course. Then just
as I was feeling better (after about 5 days), Cherise got the same
thing, but since it is accompanied by a high fever we tested her for
malaria and it was positive, so we treated that, but she never got a
sore throat so didn't give her antibiotics. This bug seemed to have a
five day course, and after 5 days Cherise was doing some better, but
still dragging. Then on Sabbath, which was the 8th day, she didn't play
with Lyol and Zane at potluck, like she usually does. I could tell she
wasn't feeling well. Sure enough, on Sunday afternoon she got a very
high fever again. We weren't sure what to do, but Gary realized the only
thing I did differntly from her was to take the antibiotics, so we
started Cherise on them and the fever broke in the might Sunday night
and hasn't been back. She was still not 100% Monday, but since then has
been back to her old self.

So, thanks so much for your prayers. We were a bit worried as to why the
fever had come back, but are very grateful that it was a relatively easy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014